Bendan Blue, OEE

Bendan Blue, CalRecycle

Bendan Blue is an environmental scientist in CalRecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment (OEE), where she helped develop the Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum. Bendan joined OEE in 2006, when she also oversaw teacher training institutes, and assessed the Environmental Principles and Concepts inclusion in science materials and the health framework. She recently worked on greenhouse gas reduction methodologies associated with climate-positive landscaping to expand access to landscape-based climate change grants. Her current focus is connecting environmental literacy and environmental justice, making academics meaningful for kids’ feelings of agency, and helping state programs to accomplish overlapping environmental goals. After earning her degree at University of California Davis in Fermentation Science, Bendan was a policy advisor for the Integrated Waste Management Board. In her spare time Bendan hikes, ponders her unfinished ceramics, and serves as vice president of finance for Congregation B’Nai Israel. She is an advocate for the use of schoolyards as neighborhood parks.