Mark Basnage

Over the past thirty years, Mark Basnage has developed and led innovative programs in schools and nonprofits across the US.

After an undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, he attained his masters degree from Stanford in Learning, Technology, and Design, where he was an active part of Stanford’s community and part of the founding of the K12 lab. He has received fellowships from the Orion Society and The Fulbright Memorial Fund and was one of the first recipients of Philadelphia’s Great Friends To Kids award.

MakeKnowledge, the 501(c)3 organization that Mark founded, has worked with schools in California on a range of innovation and career pathways projects. MakeKnowledge has also consulted and collaborated on innovation projects with a range of clients and partners, including the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute, the California Teacher Development Collaborative, K.Global, IgniteXL, Prospect Sierra, Oakland Military Institute, and Singularity University.

Mark’s current work focuses on helping schools engage with the climate crisis with the level of innovation and collaboration the moment requires. His School Climate Changemaker project helps school communities work together to own and ameliorate their own climate impacts. Mark’s approach helps schools stay rooted in hope and activated empathy as they collaborate to make ambitious goals, design innovative solutions, and make concrete, year-over-year progress.

Additional offerings for school leaders and boards include webinars, leadership retreats, courses (such as the online course Mark is running for the CATDC, and longer term strategic engagements / strategic planning.

Innovation Hub: Green Career Education