Latino Outdoors

Ruby Rodríguez

Ruby was born and raised in Fresno, California, where she was exposed to various forms of the outdoors. Countryside, she ventured into a eucalyptus-lined dirt ditch during the summer months of her childhood. The ditch offered a concrete bridge at one end and pond at the other—perfect for splashing around with tadpoles and water striders. The adjacent open field lent itself to Ruby’s introversion and fondness of plant life, ladybugs, and daydreaming.

Though her conscious connection to nature fell dormant after a move to the city’s Tower District, remnants of it presented itself in her admiration of the front yards she passed during walks to school. In her early adult years, Ruby found her way to the orchards in nearby Sanger, which inspired a trip to Yosemite National Park. There, she became overwhelmed by the reawakening of her biophilia and has since advocated for outdoor recreation, in its varied forms, as an antithesis to oppression.

Ruby’s desire to learn more about where outdoor recreation and self-determination intersect led her to Humboldt State University, where she studied as an undergraduate. During this time in her life and as a Latino Outdoors community member, Ruby enjoyed adding her voice to the conversation about diversifying the outdoor identity. She eventually took the next step from a community member to volunteer and has since grown her role within the organization.

As the Director of Programs & Operations, Ruby is fiercely passionate about elevating and advocating for LO volunteers as leaders worthy of investing in. She provides guidance and support as needed, handles many of the day to day operations, and continuously seeks out creative and meaningful ways to advance the LO mission, all while maintaining her appetite for learning and personal growth.

Innovation Hub: Community-Based Partner