Faris Sabbah, PhD

Dr. Faris Sabbah

Dr. Faris Sabbah is the Santa Cruz County superintendent of schools. Over the past 25 years, he has served as county deputy superintendent, county assistant superintendent, university professor, director, assistant principal, teacher, and instructional aide. He is committed to the values of diversity, equity and inclusion as he helps lead the evolution of the county office of education in addressing the needs of students, districts, and the community.

Faris' stories

The Green Return to School: California Administrators Find a New Lens for Teaching Environmental Literacy

The new school year is approaching, and educators are having to adapt to a new educational reality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As California administrators think outside the box with new solutions to keep environmental literacy at the forefront as students return to school, outdoor education is emerging as an opportunity to pair social distancing with the benefits of giving students access to nature and equitable educational opportunities.

County Offices of Education Present Environmental Literacy Programs at CISC Leadership Symposium

Dr. Faris Sabbah reflects on his participation in a panel discussion about implementing environmental literacy programs across four California counties. By engaging stakeholders to compare strategies, they can learn from and incorporate each other’s approaches to support students’ environmental learning. Continue reading to learn more about Santa Cruz County’s commitment to equity, San Mateo’s environmental youth leadership network, San Joaquin’s watershed and environmental stewardship, and Orange County’s Inside the Outdoors program!