September 13, 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we spoke with Diego Ortiz, environmental education program manager at The Nature Conservancy’s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Referred to as “the last perfect place in California,” the preserve is one of the last places along the California coast that hasn’t been disrupted by commercial development. Now, The Nature Conservancy is … READ MORE

August 10, 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we spoke with Marie Bobias, director of environmental education at Walden West Outdoor School & Summer Camp in Santa Clara County. This renowned summer camp is on a mission to provide equitable access to the wonders of science and nature for emerging leaders of tomorrow. By fostering collaboration among peers, the … READ MORE

July 13, 2023 Newsletter

As we strive to bring environmental literacy to all of California’s public school students, we recognize that the key lies in equipping educators and administrators with the tools and understanding they need to graduate climate and environmentally literate students. Through CAELI’s network, advocates from across the state are connecting, collaborating, and pooling their expertise to … READ MORE

June 8, 2023 Newsletter

With over 100,000 schools in the U.S. occupying a total of 2 million acres of land, the education sector represents one of the largest public infrastructures in the U.S. However, for the young people who stand to inherit the mantle of the future, schools are under-equipped to protect and prepare them for our climate reality. … READ MORE

May 11, 2023 Newsletter

This winter and spring, California experienced record snowpack and rains, alleviating the most severe signs of drought in many parts of the state. However, even as California’s famed flower blooms return, the state’s reservoirs remain depleted, and water shortages are expected to continue. As California looks for better water management solutions, we see an opportunity … READ MORE

April 13, 2023 Newsletter

Earth Month is a good time to consider and celebrate how schools can contribute to creating a more sustainable future. One tangible example is through school gardens, which offer countless benefits for students and the environment. This month, we had the opportunity to speak with Doug Henderson, director of STEAM at Val Verde Unified School … READ MORE

March 9, 2023 Newsletter

Climate change is driving unprecedented heat, drought, wildfire, and flooding in California, affecting students’ health, education, and future prospects. In the 2018-2019 school year alone, over 1.25 million California students missed school due to wildfires or other extreme weather. Furthermore, climate change exacerbates inequality, as marginalized communities, including low-income families and people of color, are … READ MORE

Feb. 9, 2023 Newsletter

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, giving us an opportunity to recommit to our efforts to address inequities in California’s public education system. In the United States, Black students have endured a long history of injustice due to policies that can still be felt today. Although we still have a long way to … READ MORE

Jan. 12, 2023 Newsletter

With new leadership and a revised Blueprint for Change, we are rallying in the new year with a renewed focus on expanding environmental literacy to all of California’s 5.8 million public school students. To start, CAELI project director Andra Yeghoian reflects on her hopes for 2023 and how recent changes and initiatives from CAELI leadership … READ MORE

Dec. 8, 2022 Newsletter

The first half of the 2022-2023 seasons has been inspiring as our CAELI community continues to grow with new members and with our success in advancing environmental literacy to school communities across the state. We look forward to returning in 2023 with a renewed sense of purpose in our mission and hope you take this … READ MORE