February 8, 2023 Newsletter

Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that CAELI’s focus on equity was not always inevitable. In 2015, the Blueprint for Environmental Literacy Task Force recognized the need to understand how best to integrate equity. The resulting Theory of Action emphasized inclusivity and fairness in scaling up environmental literacy for all students and led to … READ MORE

January 11, 2023 Newsletter

What was a formative memory of nature when you were a child? A camping road trip to Bodie, California with her great aunt and uncle was all it took for Mackenzie Wieser, CEO of Sacramento Splash, to know the transformative power of nature. She now leads an organization that works to bring those formative experiences … READ MORE

December 14, 2023 Newsletter

If you can believe it, we are already halfway through the school year. Teachers and administrators will soon have a much-needed winter break. We hope everyone has a nourishing holiday! The holidays are usually a time of reflection and we have much to take stock of. CAELI has been hard at work in the first … READ MORE

November 9, 2023 Newsletter

The good news? A growing number of school districts across California are developing environmental literacy plans to ensure that every student has access. Even better news! Leaders in many districts are moving toward a whole systems approach by including a wider range of partners and perspectives in the transformation process. This month, we share reflections … READ MORE

October 12, 2023 Newsletter

Nestled in the southernmost region of California, Imperial County holds a place of honor in the history of environmental justice as the site where legendary leader Cesar Chavez rallied the local community against injustice, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s social fabric. Yet today, Imperial County continues to be a center of adversity as … READ MORE

September 13, 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we spoke with Diego Ortiz, environmental education program manager at The Nature Conservancy’s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Referred to as “the last perfect place in California,” the preserve is one of the last places along the California coast that hasn’t been disrupted by commercial development. Now, The Nature Conservancy is … READ MORE

August 10, 2023 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we spoke with Marie Bobias, director of environmental education at Walden West Outdoor School & Summer Camp in Santa Clara County. This renowned summer camp is on a mission to provide equitable access to the wonders of science and nature for emerging leaders of tomorrow. By fostering collaboration among peers, the … READ MORE

July 13, 2023 Newsletter

As we strive to bring environmental literacy to all of California’s public school students, we recognize that the key lies in equipping educators and administrators with the tools and understanding they need to graduate climate and environmentally literate students. Through CAELI’s network, advocates from across the state are connecting, collaborating, and pooling their expertise to … READ MORE

June 8, 2023 Newsletter

With over 100,000 schools in the U.S. occupying a total of 2 million acres of land, the education sector represents one of the largest public infrastructures in the U.S. However, for the young people who stand to inherit the mantle of the future, schools are under-equipped to protect and prepare them for our climate reality. … READ MORE

May 11, 2023 Newsletter

This winter and spring, California experienced record snowpack and rains, alleviating the most severe signs of drought in many parts of the state. However, even as California’s famed flower blooms return, the state’s reservoirs remain depleted, and water shortages are expected to continue. As California looks for better water management solutions, we see an opportunity … READ MORE