Community-Based Partner Innovation Hub

The CAELI Community-Based Partner Innovation Hub works to strengthen and engage informal and nonformal providers around a unified approach to better address equity and inclusion and align with the needs of formal TK⁠–⁠12 education to elevate environmental literacy across the state.

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Projects & Working Groups



  • Convene a broad range of community-based partners across the state working in support of environmental literacy.
  • Elevate the importance of environmental education providers in California.
  • Strengthen the pathways between formal and nonformal (or informal) environmental education providers.
  • Increase the capacity of environmental education providers to better serve students with high-quality, culturally relevant programming.
  • Determine additional field-level priorities, which may include policy, funding coordination, tools, resource development, and innovations in environmental education to better address equity and inclusion and align with the needs of formal TK–12 education.


  • Environmental education provider landscape analysis: Collaborate with AEOE on mapping EE providers in California and ensure that the projects compliment each other and do not duplicate efforts.
  • CAELI Partner Portal: Review the updated portal to ensure that the database meets the needs of CBPs and teachers. Explore opportunities for utilizing the platform to demonstrate impact.
  • Expanded Learning: Provide CBPs with resources and tools to help them build connections and partnerships with school districts so that environmental literacy is included in expanded learning programs.