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The California History–Social Science Project’s 2019 Environmental Literacy Teacher Institutes: Hawks, History, and California’s EP&Cs

Shelley Brooks, PhD, is a program coordinator for the California History–Social Science Project, developing professional learning and teaching resources for K–12 teachers. In this article, she reflects on coordinating environmental literacy summer institutes, which promoted environmental education for both teachers and students.

Environmental Literacy: A K–12 Experience

Parent Michele Whiteaker reflects on the importance of ecoliteracy as part of her son’s K-12 education. She explains how outdoor experiences can be integrated into every subject of every grade, with students exploring and problem-solving along the way, so that environmental literacy can impact students in a lasting way.

Environmental Literacy and Social Justice

Environmental literacy and social justice are inextricably linked, and recent changes in California’s curricula fully encourage pedagogical exploration of this linkage. A school district representative, a teacher, and a student share their perspectives about the intersection of environmental literacy and social justice.

EP&Cs: Just One More Thing I Was Wrong About

Middle school students are desperately searching for ways to be seen as independent people who have something to offer the world. It is the perfect time to introduce them to issues they actually have the ability to contribute to change.

NGSS Rollout 6: The Power of Integrating Science and Environmental Education

I believe that it is our duty as educators to respond to the preponderance of evidence that has mounted, which paints a picture of a rapidly changing environment and a potentially very different socio-political future, by adapting our preschool–college instructional programs to be more reflective of that future and its predicted reality, and that prepares them for life in a world affected by human-caused climate change.

EdSource Podcast: Youth Leader Isha Clarke and Ten Strands CEO Karen Cowe

Young people from around the globe have taken to the streets–and to the United Nations–to protest adult inaction on climate change. In this episode, EdSource takes a look at how students and teachers in California are helping to raise awareness and shape action in the fight against global warming.

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