Kirk Anne Taylor

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California Youth Lead the Movement for Environmental Action

Across California, young people are making change happen in their communities, and leading the way on environmental action. We interviewed four student leaders in Alameda, Orange, and Santa Cruz Counties who are transforming their communities by cultivating native gardens, teaching sustainable household practices, organizing climate conferences, and more. Hear their thoughts on environmental literacy, engaging young people, social justice, and what we all can do to help create a better tomorrow.

Educators Using Biomimicry to Teach Nature-Based Problem Solving

Educators are drawing from the emerging field of biomimicry to engage young people in the STEAM fields through real-life connections. This short film features a December 2019 professional development training for educators—hosted by CAELI members Inside the Outdoors and Ten Strands, in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute and Bioneers—and how biomimicry serves as a powerful component of environmental literacy.