Katinka Lennemann

Katinka Lennemann is a student in San Mateo County who successfully rallied her high school to pass a climate emergency declaration resolution. Katinka is a high school senior who plans to continue her work in climate activism after entering college.

Katinka's stories

How Equity in Education Can Foster Youth-Led Climate Advocacy

For a generation of youth who refuse to continue a legacy of environmental destruction, the promise of a sustainable future is in question if we stay on our current path. Youth are litigating the loss of biodiversity, the acceleration of species extinction, and a planet on fire as they inherit a suffering planet that threatens their future. Driven by fear validated by scientific data, youth are calling for action to be taken across generational divides. In this month’s Youth Climate Leaders interview, we spoke with two of the students leading the climate emergency declaration effort in San Mateo County –– Katinka Lennemann and Lilian Chang –– about the role of education in the push for climate justice.