Lucia Garay

Lucia Garay, a junior at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma, has been a passionate advocate for environmental justice for most of her life, taking part in local conservation projects and spreading awareness about the connection between a healthy community and a healthy environment. Lucia is also passionate about youth issues and racial inequality. As chair of the Sonoma County Junior Commission on Human Rights, she has helped organize the Sonoma County March for Our Lives for gun sense legislation and her town's first-ever Women's March. She is a reporter for her school newspaper, the Gaucho Gazette, and believes in the power of the individual voice to speak up for what is right. Lucia hopes to pursue a career in land stewardship or environmental justice.

Lucia's stories

How Environmental Literacy and Land Stewardship Could Help Save California for Future Generations

After searching for ways to protect California from wildfires like the one that nearly engulfed her hometown, author Lucia Garay advocates environmental literacy. In order to protect nature, we have to be knowledgeable on how natural fires contribute to the California landscape. Garay demonstrates how much we have to learn from the land stewardship practices of indigenous Californian, and the art of coexisting with—rather than controlling— fire.