Professional Learning Innovation Hub

The CAELI Professional Learning Innovation Hub seeks to provide coordination and support for those who provide professional learning on environmental and climate literacy. Composed of leaders from higher education, state and county offices of education, and other providers, the hub will establish priorities for environmental and climate literacy training and professional learning for formal and informal educators, educational leaders, and community-based partners.

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Projects & Working Groups


  • Establish clear and relevant educational priorities for professional learning in environmental literacy.
  • Gather, evaluate, and share best practices for teaching TK–12 environmental literacy.
  • Create a system of support for professional learning providers across the state that can be accessed in multiple ways.


  • Professional Learning Landscape Analysis: Identify current professional learning (PL) providers, audiences, and offerings to identify gaps in content and access.
  • English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework Revision Interest Group: Gather folks to discuss possible best practices, teaching vignettes, and PL needs related to these disciplines in advance of SBE/CDE moving forward with framework revision timeline.
  • PL for PL Providers: After landscape analysis, provide virtual training or COP for PL providers, teachers, and/or site administrators, based on needs assessment.
  • ELA Superhero Podcasts (2024): As the state of California deepens efforts to include environmental literacy in all content areas, the California Environmental Literacy Initiative’s English-Language Arts Working Group interviewed passionate language arts teachers. They collected stories of these superheroes who teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking standards through the lens of environmental literacy and justice to highlight what this type of work already looks like in TK–12 classrooms and outdoor spaces.