The California Environmental Literacy Initiative is a public–private partnership led by Ten Strands that increases access to relevant, standards-based, environment-based learning for all of California’s K–12 students.

CAELI is a movement that includes everyone in K–12 public education: administrators, teachers, students, families, and community organizations. Guided by a leadership council, CAELI works in partnership with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, educators, scientists, environmental experts, and other stakeholders to create opportunities for all California students to learn in and about the environment, starting with their own local places.

Learning about and through our local surroundings fosters a sense of connection to community and place. Environmental literacy helps students gain the knowledge and motivation to think critically and act in ways that reflect an understanding of the interrelatedness of people and environment.

Supportive Context

A supportive context for environmental literacy ensures engaging, high-quality learning experiences for all California K–12 students.

Incremental Infusion

Incremental infusion incorporates environmental literacy into K–12 core subjects so that all California students learn in and about their environment.

Leading Edge Exemplars

K–12 school districts and county offices of education throughout California are developing and implementing environmental literacy plans.