Sierra Club Climate Literacy Committee

Sarah Ranney

Sarah Ranney believes every student has the right to learn about climate change and solutions; that youth leadership is an empowering and necessary accelerant for meaningful climate action; and that the climate crisis requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. She is the chair of the Sierra Club Climate Literacy Committee, where she works as a volunteer to raise awareness of climate education and secure climate literacy commitments at the district and state level. She also serves on the Environment and Climate Commission for the City of Berkeley. Sarah studied geosciences and environmental studies in college before embarking on a career in marketing. She loves her day job, where she focuses on people management, coaching, strategic planning, and program performance. But she had a hard time ignoring what she learned in school, and in 2016 she felt compelled to take action on the climate crisis. Her involvement with the Sierra Club Climate Literacy Committee provided that outlet. Through that work, she’s become connected to a powerful network of passionate, smart, justice-focused collaborators, and found a way to contribute to the movement for climate and environmental education. Sarah lives in Berkeley with her husband and their two elementary-aged kids.

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