The Energy Coalition

Siria Salas

Siria Salas is a Program Manager with The Energy Coalition (TEC, pronounced “tech”), a non-profit focused on building blocks for the new energy economy to make clean energy affordable and accessible to everyone. We have four key service areas:

  • Program Design & Project Implementation—TEC works with public agencies to implement energy efficiency projects from start to finish. For example, we can support school districts (a key client type) in updating their building lighting, HVAC systems, and refrigeration systems to be more energy efficient.

  • Marketing & Outreach—TEC uses proven communication and engagement strategies to get buy-in and motivate action. We help communities change the way people use energy through robust marketing and outreach campaigns.

  • Policy & Master Planning—TEC helps policymakers foster the social and political environment that allows communities to transition to a new, low-carbon economy.

  • Education & Workforce Development—Through our education programs, Energy is Everything, we provide environmental-STEM programming to schools across California and develop skills, knowledge, and abilities in TK–12 grade students to prepare them for careers in energy and the environment. We also provide training and mentorship to emerging climate leaders through the California Climate Action Corps program.

Siria oversees and manages relationships and projects associated with statewide utility partner contracts and is the instructional design lead for curriculum development for workforce and education training programs. Siria holds a California Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential with a Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development (BCLAD) certification and a STEAM Teaching for Tomorrow’s Innovators certificate. Throughout her career, Siria has served as a guest educator in the South Bay Union and Chula Vista Elementary Schools District and as a classroom educator with South Bay Union School District.

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