Community Organizations

We believe people are inextricably connected to the places we live. We believe California’s people value each other, our geographically and culturally diverse communities, and our environment, and act on that caring. We know that throughout California, community leaders have built the knowledge, experience, and expertise that can translate into meaningful hands-on education for our K-12 students.

By functioning as a network of partners, we work collaboratively and inclusively to support California’s K–12 students by highlighting the interconnectedness of people and places through environmental literacy. Educators, students, and community partners working together are creating positive change, and continuing to identify powerful new ways of working together.

As a community organization, you’re actively involved in bettering your community. You’ve seen firsthand that leaders emerge from many settings—from local programs and grassroots movements to spiritual institutions—and you’ve cultivated many of these leaders. You have unique and valuable expertise and deep knowledge of the communities you work in partnership with. Without your work, we would not be able to do ours.

Part of what contributes to the strength and resilience of communities is the intergenerational health and wellbeing of its people. In every community there are leaders—including young people who are attending K–12 schools today. To increase their opportunities for success, it’s crucial that we provide them with relevant, engaging, real-world learning experiences that will guide them into the next chapters of their lives. We know supporting their capacity to face environmental and societal challenges grows more imperative every day.

The California Environmental Literacy Initiative collaborates with communit organizations and the K–12 public school system to incorporate environmental learning that is locally based and culturally relevant into the regular school day—both inside the classroom and out. By connecting schools with local organizations like yours who are actively involved in building thriving communities, we can co-create opportunities that empower our young people and support them in fulfilling their potential to imagine and realize a better world.

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"We are all members of larger organizations, and sit here as representatives who can inform and inspire others through our actions. We can challenge our colleagues, families, students, and communities as the teachers, learners, and activists that we are."

Emily Schell, Executive Director, California Global Education Project

"Support from CAELI has allowed my organization to promote professional learning for teachers in environmental literacy. We have been able to build awareness in environmental issues, develop best practices in environmental literacy, and connect teachers with local environmental resources. We are able to include the environment as a context for integration as well as developing problem-solving skills addressing the NGSS Human Impact Standards. Interest and awareness of environmental issues continues to grow among the grades and teachers. "

Joanna Totino, Director, Bay Area Science Project