Los Angeles Unified School District

Gerardo Salazar

Gerardo Salazar is the administrator for the Office of Outdoor & Environmental Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District. His office offers programs at two residential outdoor science schools, Camp Skyhook at Clear Creek and Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center, as well as seven single-day field-study sites. All students within the district are eligible to participate, at no charge, in these K–12 programs.

The mission of all of these programs is to provide an emotional connection to learning and the outdoors. Under Gerardo’s leadership, participation in environmental literacy and science and engineering programs has increased from 8,800 to 37,600 students over the last five years. This growth resulted from strategic partnerships and collaborations with community-based organizations. The current challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic has been met through the creation of the LAUSD-Skyhook Eco-Van program and the Outdoor L.A. television series, now airing on the local PBS station.

Gerardo brings a depth of experience to his work. He has served as a team lead in the California Environmental Literacy Task Force. Currently, he is a member of the leadership team for the California Strong Earth System Science Collaborative, part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). He is also the current chair of the California Outdoor Schools Association (COSA) and serves on several advisory councils for federal and city initiatives related to education and the environment.

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