Impact Capital

Jason Schlatter

Jason Schlatter has a Master of Arts with a concentration in Intercultural Relations and Organizational Development and specializes in the areas of strategic planning and social capital. A dynamic professional director and consultant with over 15 years of experience in organizational development and stakeholder engagement, he founded Impact Capital in February 2010 and has spent the last several years working primarily in the nonprofit sector. Jason was the founding executive director of the Glendale Communitas Initiative where he built a data-driven needs-based anti-poverty & homeless recovery nonprofit from the ground up and developed a local coalition of over two dozen faith-based, nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to create pathways out of poverty. At the end of his term, the program had increased the monthly net income for impoverished clients by 123% through its poverty recovery program, provided hundreds of individuals with classes in financial literacy, and educated, referred, placed, and supported thousands of individuals in their search to improve their economic situation and recover from homelessness. In 2017, Jason’s work was presented the Tom Miller Award for outstanding community organization by the Character and Ethics Commission and received a mayoral and state senatorial commendation for his work.

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