Jill Grace, K–12 Alliance

Jill Grace is a regional director for the K–12 Alliance, a program in the STEM Division of WestED that supports the CA NGSS K–8 Early Implementation Initiative. Prior to this, Jill was a middle school science teacher and is the 2014–15 California finalist for the Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science Teaching. She is the 2019–21 past president of the California Science Teachers Association, where she led the development of CSTA’s Climate Summit, and briefing papers on priority features of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) instructional materials and equitable access to science education in California. Statewide, she served on the leadership team that developed the Next Generation Science Standards Systems Implementation Plan for California, was a contributing author and public reviewer of the California Science Framework, an instructional materials reviewer for the state of California, and lead developer and presenter for the CA NGSS rollouts.