Tim Baird, Encinitas Unified School District (Retired)

Dr. Timothy Baird recently retired as the superintendent of the Encinitas Union School District after 16 years of service as a superintendent, and 39 years of service as a public educator. During Dr. Baird’s 10-year tenure in Encinitas, the district earned the California and U.S. Green Ribbon District distinction in 2014 for its innovative use of technology. Meeting students’ need for strong health and wellness support has been a top priority for the district as well, resulting in a 10-acre organic farm (which also serves as a student design and research center) to grow produce for the school lunch daily salad bar and freshly made meals. Students participate in weekly yoga, social-emotional training, and other physical education activities. Encinitas USD received state and national awards for developing learner-personalized teaching practices and for its focus on teaching to the whole child. Dr. Baird earned his EdD from the University of Southern California and his MA, administrative credential, teaching credential, and BA from California State University, Fullerton.