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Environmental Literacy: A K–12 Experience

Parent Michele Whiteaker reflects on the importance of ecoliteracy as part of her son’s K-12 education. She explains how outdoor experiences can be integrated into every subject of every grade, with students exploring and problem-solving along the way, so that environmental literacy can impact students in a lasting way.

EdSource Podcast: Youth Leader Isha Clarke and Ten Strands CEO Karen Cowe

Young people from around the globe have taken to the streets–and to the United Nations–to protest adult inaction on climate change. In this episode, EdSource takes a look at how students and teachers in California are helping to raise awareness and shape action in the fight against global warming.

This Is Environmental Literacy: Pajaro

The students, once again, have the answer: our charge is to hear them, and join in the work of enacting the solutions. Please take a moment and listen to their voices.

This Is Environmental Literacy: Rialto

The history of this place, and the story of what Ms. Chan and the district are doing to provide effective student-centered learning are inexorably intertwined, and illustrate another instance of how district-level support, committed educators, and community partnerships—working in concert with a place itself—enhance student engagement and support student success. Environmental literacy is woven throughout their innovative strategy to serve their students.