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EdSource Podcast: Youth Leader Isha Clarke and Ten Strands CEO Karen Cowe

Young people from around the globe have taken to the streets–and to the United Nations–to protest adult inaction on climate change. In this episode, EdSource takes a look at how students and teachers in California are helping to raise awareness and shape action in the fight against global warming.

How Environmental Literacy and Land Stewardship Could Help Save California for Future Generations

After searching for ways to protect California from wildfires like the one that nearly engulfed her hometown, author Lucia Garay advocates environmental literacy. In order to protect nature, we have to be knowledgeable on how natural fires contribute to the California landscape. Garay demonstrates how much we have to learn from the land stewardship practices of indigenous Californian, and the art of coexisting with—rather than controlling— fire.

Engaging Students to Act on Climate with Environmental Literacy

The green schools movement in California is mobilizing young people for environmental citizenship. This article, complete with examples of environmental literacy programs across state schools, reveals how students are engaged through civic engagement, student-built gardens and green technology courses. These lessons are fundamental to cultivating the next generation’s interest and ability to build a more just and sustainable society.

Partnering for Equitable Environmental Literacy: A Conversation with Breakthrough Communities

There are countless ways to create positive, lasting experiences that nurture an empathetic relationship with the environment. Getting students outdoors is just one way; some common examples are investigating solutions to combat campus pollution or harmful air quality, growing school plants to observe their unfolding natural processes, or inviting a fun, interactive presentation conducted by … READ MORE

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