We see teachers as the passionate professionals you are, committed to the growth and continued development of our burgeoning young thinkers, artists, scientists, and leaders. We understand you have a lot on your mind and on your plate, and we want to support you in ways that work for you and contribute to the success of your students.

Environmental literacy engages students in ways they’re most likely to learn. By encouraging students to explore their local environments, teachers can embrace strategies that encourage hands-on investigation and discovery. Integrating environmental learning with core subjects helps meet educational goals, and creates opportunities for all students to have impactful, relevant experiences without adding more work for you.

The California Environmental Literacy Initiative collaborates with state agencies, county offices of education, TK–12 districts, and community partners to prepare California’s students for the future. When the environment is used as a context for teaching core subjects, learning is more engaging, effective, and culturally relevant; this cultivates students’ understanding of issues that directly affect their lives. We collaborate with teachers like you who work day in and day out to give students the skills they need to deal with critical issues, and prepare them for success in school, life, and career.

Together we can support a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders who are excited about learning, innovating, and working within their communities to co-create solutions for a healthier world.

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“We engaged in rich conversations about how students gain a feeling of agency and connectedness to their learning. We worked collaboratively by grade level to write lessons that encompass outdoor learning experiences, and are connected to learning outcomes and expectations relevant to targeted science standards.”

Erika Remedios, Teacher, Montebello USD

"We are so thrilled with what our students have learned, and the agency that they feel at the culmination of this unit. We were able to create a comprehensive unit that introduced our students to issues on our campus, and what is possible when an environment is well cared for. We are eager to work with our students to start implementing some of their solutions, and are excited to see where their futures as solutionaries will inspire them next."

Rebecca Fox, Teacher, San Mateo USD

"During our exploration of the NGSS and EEI Curriculum units, many of us were connecting the two disciplines of HSS and science. There are so many fantastic opportunities for cross-curricular work, which is terrific for elementary teachers, but more and more, as education shifts to project-based learning, environment-based education, the EEI units, and the EP&Cs become a common thread for launching student agency across all disciplines."

Juliana Liebke, TK–12 History–Social Studies Resource Teacher, San Diego USD

"Moving forward means supporting teachers in empowering the next generation of global citizens. Our California Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs), which marry beautifully with the NGSS, help to build student awareness of that powerful relationship between humans and the natural world. Join us in moving forward in strengthening our capacity to bring environmental literacy to the next generation. We look forward to empowering students in that golden vision of making a positive change in the world."

Jill Grace, Regional Director, K–12 Alliance

"As a social studies educator for the past 25 years, and a former California instructional quality commissioner, one thing was made perfectly clear in my work to empower our youth: You can’t be truly environmentally literate if you don’t engage civically, and you can’t be truly civically literate if you don’t engage with environmental issues."

Jose Flores, Civics and Environmental Advisor, Comite Civico del Valle