Building Environmental Education Networks Across a Diverse Region: Q&A with Nathan Fairchild

The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network program has a new structure that will promote increased collaboration among educators through three new CREEC Network hubs: CREEC North, CREEC Central, and CREEC South. “The new CREEC Hub structure is helping in counties where the county office of education is unable to bring people in the … READ MORE

Q&A With Green Schools National Network’s Jennifer Seydel

Green Schools National Network is a nonprofit dedicated to whole-school and whole-district sustainability that shifts the paradigm to transform school cultures so students become changemakers, not just test-takers, prepared to live in and lead a sustainable future. Green Schools helps schools integrate sustainability and systems thinking into leadership, curriculum, instruction, culture, climate, facilities, and operations. … READ MORE

Closing the Gap: Environmental Education Means Amplifying the Power of Communities to Make Systemic Change

In this month’s interview, Marcos Trinidad, Director at the Audubon Center at Debs Park, explores the ways in which community engagement isn’t just important to effective environmental educators — rather, environmental educators must critically focus on integrating environmental education into community organizing and activism if we hope for it to be truly impactful in the day-to-day lives of students and communities.

2020 Distinguished Contribution Award Winners: Ten Strands and CAELI!

Karen Cowe, Ten Strands CEO and California Environmental Literacy Initiative project director, discusses her work to uplift environmental literacy in this interview with California Association of Science Educators (CASE). This article originally appeared on the CASE website and was republished with permission.

Aniya Butler: Leading Youth Activism for Environmental Justice

Aniya Butler is a student who works with Youth Vs. Apocalypse. This climate activism group brings together young people in the Bay Area to uplift the voices of people of color and to stand up for environmental justice. As a volunteer, Aniya helps to mobilize her peers and organize climate strikes—the most recent having drawn tens of thousands of people in support. We spoke with Aniya about intersectionality in the environmental movement, the importance of educating youth about climate change, and more.