The Policy Innovation Hub promotes the understanding of statewide policy, legislation, and funding of all CAELI members as it relates to equitably advancing environmental literacy in California’s TK-12 schools. The innovation hub supports statewide efforts to secure funding, pass legislation, or change policies that advance environmental literacy.

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  • Build infrastructure for CAELI policy, advocacy, and legislation literacy.
  • Support efforts to increase state funding to advance environmental literacy, climate change education, and environmental justice.
  • Highlight success stories related to policy, legislation, and funding and how civic engagement and youth activism relate to this work.


  • Policy Literacy: Develop a set of resources for CAELI members to reference as they strive to learn more about statewide policy.
  • Support for Funding: Review, comment, and advocate for statewide efforts that will secure additional funding for environmental literacy programs and initiatives.
  • Highlight Success Stories: Seek and publish stories that showcase the success of efforts related to changing policy, passing legislation, securing funding and that demonstrate civic engagement and youth activism.