Policy Innovation Hub

The Policy Innovation Hub promotes the understanding of statewide policy, legislation, and funding of all CAELI members as it relates to equitably advancing environmental literacy in California’s TK-12 schools. The innovation hub supports statewide efforts to secure funding, pass legislation, or change policies that advance environmental literacy.

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Projects & Working Groups



  • Build infrastructure for CAELI policy, advocacy, and legislation literacy.
  • Support efforts to increase state funding to advance environmental literacy, climate change education, and environmental justice.
  • Highlight success stories related to policy, legislation, and funding and how civic engagement and youth activism relate to this work.


  • Policy Literacy Guidebook: Develop a set of resources for CAELI members to reference as they strive to learn more about statewide policy.
  • Policy Coordination and Information Exchange: Bring together leaders of environmental and climate literacy policy campaigns to exchange information and update the CAELI community on a quarterly basis.
  • Policy Landscape Analysis: Develop strategies for how to share the data and template efforts organized by Ten Strands and the CA Youth Climate Policy (CYCP) Leadership Program with the broader CAELI community.