Living Classroom

Vicki Moore

Vicki Moore has been working in the environmental literacy field for more than two decades. She is the founder, acting executive director, and board chair for Living Classroom, a garden-based education non-profit organization in Santa Clara County, California. In that time she taught hundreds of nature-based lessons, led school field trips, and expanded Living Classroom programs to multiple school districts and a staff of thirteen. She has also been a consultant supporting state legislation to further environmental literacy and biodiversity funding in California. Prior to that and for twelve years, she was field director and policy director for Greenbelt Alliance where she was responsible for advocacy, public education, research, and coalition building aimed at promoting sustainable development within our cities and protecting the San Francisco Bay Area’s Greenbelt of open space, farmland, parks, and wildlife habitat. She received her B.A. degree in Human Biology from Stanford University. Ms. Moore is a long-time community volunteer and has served many educational organizations, five non-profit boards, and is a member of the Santa Clara County Planning Commission.

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