The Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, Teacher’s College

Cheney Munson

Obsessed with ideas of literacy, education, climate change and environmental justice for the last two decades, Cheney taught middle school ELA for eight years, and ever since has been a staff developer for The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College Columbia University. He works in grades 3–12 with ELA, science, history and (sometimes) math teachers. He is currently a senior staff developer and their resident Sustainability Education Specialist. Cheney founded The Climascope Project which aims to work shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers to infuse climate change, sustainability and environmental justice into existing curriculum with practical and inspiring PD and easy-to-use resources. He prides himself on meeting teachers and students where they are and aligning climate literacy goals with school-wide goals around literacy, history, science, math, school culture, and pedagogy. He consults for Ted-Ed as their climate curriculum designer and is a PhD candidate in Sustainability Education at Prescott College. When not thinking about climate advocacy and literacy, he’s playing bluegrass and cooking in Oakland.

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