Sacramento Splash

Mackenzie Wieser

Mackenzie Wieser has a passionate vision and a personal mission to protect the environment  through everyday activism and strategic leadership. Mackenzie is dedicated to activating  people to care about the natural world through the creation of innovative partnerships  so that children and teens will have access to nature, through hands-on, experiential  science education. As a mom of three, she cares deeply about education and that ALL  children are given an EQUAL opportunity to quality hands-on experiences, helping  children form lasting connections with nature. She is committed to helping youth know  their place in protecting the environment while ensuring the development of the next  generation of nature lovers. Mackenzie will know she has been successful leading Splash  when the region has ensured that every student in the Sacramento region has more  than one outdoor environmental educational experience during elementary school.

Prior to joining Splash in October 2019, Mackenzie served as an appointee to Governor  Jerry Brown, focused on climate policy. She was a Commissioner on the Mayors’  Commission on Climate Change in Sacramento, where she shared the regional  perspective of how systemic impacts on the environment affect not only one locale, but  an entire region. She served as a City Planning Commissioner for the City of Elk Grove  for four years, where she worked diligently on updating the City’s General Plan, Climate  Action Plan, and countless development projects around the city. Mackenzie  understands how planning and development can work together for the common benefit  of humanity and our natural world.


Innovation Hub: Community-Based Partner, Policy