Taking Green Ribbon to Scale Campaign Working Group

As of 2023, only three percent of California school districts have participated in the California Green Ribbon program (see California Green Ribbon Summary Data 2014-2023 to learn more). The goal of the CAELI Taking Green Ribbon to Scale Campaign is to increase participation in California Green Ribbon to at least fifteen percent of California school districts by 2028. This CAELI-wide working group will focus on two efforts in 2023-24 to work toward this goal:

  • CAELI Green Ribbon Working Group: This working group will be made up of Green Ribbon Technical Assistance providers and champions who will meet monthly to plan the California Green Ribbon Achievers and Applicants Network. The group will also focus on how to scale technical assistance across the state and will consider how to best utilize CAELI’s communications platforms to support the Green Ribbon program (i.e. a Green Ribbon resource hub on the CAELI website and spotlights of Green Ribbon achievers in the CAELI newsletter).
  • California Green Ribbon Achievers and Applicants Network: This network will meet quarterly. The purpose of the network is to give participants the chance to network with each other to inspire and share best practices. The network will strive to help participants move from being a one-time applicant to participants who apply year-after-year until they achieve “Green Achiever.” For schools that achieve at this highest level, the network can help them identify strategies for continuous improvement and innovation beyond the Green Ribbon framework. The network will also be active in recruiting new schools and districts to apply to be a Green Ribbon school. Network meeting dates for the 2023-24 school year include the following: