July 13, 2023 Newsletter

As we strive to bring environmental literacy to all of California’s public school students, we recognize that the key lies in equipping educators and administrators with the tools and understanding they need to graduate climate and environmentally literate students. Through CAELI’s network, advocates from across the state are connecting, collaborating, and pooling their expertise to create meaningful change in students’ lives.

In our quest to foster an even greater collective impact, CAELI recently held its executive committee retreat, where we engaged in vital discussions to develop strategic plans for the future of CAELI. This month, following the retreat, we spoke with newly elected co-chair Estrella Risinger and incumbent co-chair Juanita Chan-Roden about the challenges and opportunities paving the way forward for CAELI.

Read on to learn more about how CAELI plans to expand the collective impact of our growing network.

A Renewed Perspective for Environmental Literacy: A Q&A With Estrella Risinger & Juanita Chan-Roden

As CAELI enters a phase of transition and growth, we are taking this opportunity to renew our purpose to identify opportunities that will increase our impact. In this interview, Juanita and Estrella discuss how they hope to guide and support a growing network of environmental literacy advocates, and Estrella dives into the challenges and opportunities of this new role and the reasons behind her passion for environmental literacy.

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CAELI Thanks Departing Co-Chair, Craig Strang & Words of Reflection

Craig Strang, lifelong environmental educator and activist, stepped down as CAELI’s co-chair after nearly eight years of service. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Craig for his exceptional leadership, visionary thinking, unwavering dedication, and remarkable contributions to CAELI. Craig will remain connected to CAELI as an “at large” member, meaning that CAELI will continue to benefit from his wealth of wisdom and experience. In light of his transition, we asked Craig to share some reflections on his time as co-chair and his hopes for CAELI’s next chapter. Read on to learn more about Craig’s many contributions and accomplishments to CAELI.

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Innovation Hub Spotlight

CAELI’s innovation hubs represent a growing community of people dedicated to environmental literacy and outdoor education for youth. Here, we introduce one of our innovation hub leaders!

Opportunities, Events, and News

  • The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) just announced its 2023 Youth Innovation Challenge: Saving Our Seas! In partnership with the Taiwan Ocean Conservation Administration (OCA), this year’s challenge provides an opportunity for young people ages fifteen to thirty around the world to share their innovative solutions to protect marine resources and support people of all ages to be engaged stewards for marine conservation. Learn more about the challenge here.


  • If you’re an educator looking for ways to make climate action a priority in your district, check out the new Educator Advocacy Toolkit, with actionable solutions students can see in their schools. Learn more about the toolkit produced by This Is Planet Ed, The National Education Association, and The American Federation of Teachers here.


  • Ten Strands is looking to hire a new consultant to support CAELI’s communications efforts. Do you know an experienced communications professional who is passionate about environmental education? Share the job posting with them here. The job is also posted on LinkedIn here. Help us spread the word about this new consulting role. For any questions, email Ten Strands’ communications manager Marwa Abdelghani at mabdelghani@tenstrands.org.