Standards and Frameworks Working Group

The Standards and Frameworks working group is focused on finishing out the implementation campaign to get the California Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs) officially integrated into the California Curriculum Standards and Frameworks. This effort has previously been led by Gerry Lieberman and Ten Strands. The focus in 2023-24 will be on two projects:

  • EP&Cs in ELA Framework: This project gathers folks to discuss possible best practices, teaching vignettes, and professional learning needs related to these disciplines in advance of the State Board of Education and California Department of Education moving forward with the revision timeline.
  • Documenting progress on EP&Cs in California State Curriculum Frameworks to date: This project will complete a summary document of how the EP&Cs are currently integrated into frameworks. This should include the year they were integrated, an overview to how it has been integrated, and links for learning more.